Double-chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace
Double-chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace
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Double-chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace

Application and Principles

 Vacuum oil quenching gas cooling furnace, produced by, is consisted of furnace, inside transfer mechanism, vacuum system, gas filling system,oil cooling system and external material cart.

 It is primarily applied to sintering, bright annealing and vacuum brazing of alloy steel, alloy tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, bearing steel, elastic alloy, stainless steel and other bright quenching and magnetic materials.

Advantages and Features

 This equipment made by combining with rich experience of producing and designing, and also with the most advanced, presently, technologies among each fields, applies integrated solving system which maintains the leading-level in the field, and introduces the new material preparation which is commonly marketing-popular. It mainly has following advantages and features:

1. Adopt graphite as heating element, prolonging utilized lifetime;

2. Mechanical transmitting, accurate and reliable;

3. Humanized operation design, manual operation, sectional operation and full-automatic operation;

4. Based on requirements for furnace temp. and process, graphite and molybdenum are applied as heating elements and heat insulating screen. [The products sensitive to carbon adopts tungsten and copper (clean environment)]

5. Heating elements can be distributed among multiple districts, and each district can control temperature independently, and furnace temperatures are even.

6. Unique gas cooling method, internally equipped with diversion air channel, forced gas cooling, large flow volume, air-flow homogeneity, cooling down fast.

7. Equipped with high-efficiency external quenching oil cooling circulation system, accelerating oil cooling speed.

8. Original furnace inner picking-and-sending material feeding mechanism and auto-control system.

9. Accurate and reliable humanized graphic operation interface (human-machine dialogue touch screen) and simulated operation screen.

Principle Technical Parameters

Product technical parameters of equipment are presented as below, and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation, please contact us if any latest data:

It is standard configuration above, and can be adjusted according to the demand from customers.

 Vacuum oil quenching gas cooling furnace, produced by, is consisted of furnace, inside transfer mechanism, vacuum system, gas filling system,oil cooling system and external material cart.