Steel Belt Reduction Equipment
Steel Belt Reduction Equipment
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Steel Belt Reduction Equipment

Overview and Principles

 Steel belted furnace is principally used in powder metallurgy industry for generating metal powder with deoxidization, such as iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, and sintering and precise reduction of metallic salts, such as cobalt oxalate and APT.

 This equipment is featured with large output, simple structure, and being convenient for process regulation and quality controlling.

 The whole equipment is consisted of material input stage, heating stage, slow cooling stage, quenching chilling stage, and material output stage.

 Material loading stage includes material loading desk, entrance Muffle, material loading board equipped with material cart which can move left and right toward following steel belt, guaranteeing the material evenly spread over the steel belt.

 Heating stage Muffle is made to be corrugated, increasing Muffle strength, and prolonging its using duration with more than 1.5 time compared with regular Muffle. Material exist and entrance adopt rolling seal or gas curtain & fiber curtain sealing, good sealing property and small gas consuming. Material conveying system is consisted of transmitting steel belt, transmitting device and multi-stage tension device. The transmitting speed of the steel belt can be stepless regulated with frequency converter and be equipped with steel-belt auto-correcting device.


Performances and Advantages

possesses several key core technologies and proprietary intellectual property rights.

Own patent technologies (Patent No. ZL200730070496.0). Uniformed furnace structure improves its temperature holding property and is convenient for maintenance.

A. Controlling Advantages

Adopt the best human-machine interface, 10-15 inch, among German brands, centralized date input, centralized management, and centralized control.

1. Completely auto-operation;

2. Applies British European temperature control system, higher temperature controlling precision;

3. Real-time alarm, historical alarm recording;

4. Auto-deciding handling methods after alarming, waiting with grades;

5. Real-time tendency curves and historical tendency curves;

6. Operating authorization: operator, manager etc. (password protected);

7. Multi-stage technological curve options;

8. Upgradable remote assisting-diagnosing system.

B. Overall Designing Advantages

It utilizes integration designing, combining cooling water, gas convergence and divergence and furnace together, in order to reduce using area size.

 The entire equipment is painted by baking varnish.

C. Intelligent Control Technical Advantages

 1.Apply with German imported Pressure Transducer Control;

 2.Flow can be continuously set depending on its process;

 3.Each process gas has two alarming output (warning alarm, acting alarm).

 4.Refined gas flowing control, and gas can evenly permeate into products.

D. Production Efficiency Advantages

 1.Inovative holding insulation technology, saving more than 50% electricity consumption.

 2. Save more than 30% gas consuming.

 3.Single-furnace product qualification ratio≥99%.

E. Security property superiorities

1. Back-pressure filling device;

2. High-temp furnace tube deformation control.

F. Performance upgrading advantages

1.Auto-distributing powder system;

2. Multi-point temperature testing inside furnace;

3. Auto-examining and controlling on cooling water flow/temperature;

4. Gas oxygen content/leakage points checking inner furnace technology;

5. Valves applies German and Japanese brands;

6. Human-machine interface adopts the best brand in Germany.

Principle Technical Parameters

Product technical parameters of equipment are presented as below, and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation, please contact us if any latest data:

It is standard configuration above, and can be adjusted according to the demand from customers.

 Steel belted furnace is principally used in powder metallurgy industry for generating metal powder with deoxidization, such as iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder...